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Digital Leaf is a Google Premier Partner and our staff are qualified in all facets of Google Ads.

With a platform as comprehensive and ever-evolving as Google, putting a few simple ads to accelerate your business is a giant task (and a whole lot of guessing). We drive the entire campaigns, from the set-up and management, to reporting and re-positioning.

Our clients benefit from our full-suite boutique service that includes:

  • Develop your goals & set up tracking
  • Target audience defined and suitable keywords chosen
  • Daily optimisations from machine learning techniques
  • Receive regular updates and reports

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All In One Management Solution

Here’s Why

Qualified & Nurtured Customers

  • Leads are pre-qualified before they reach you by smart ad targeting and ongoing results analysis. Then, nurtured through an auto-responder. Less tyre-kickers.
  • And, find serious online shoppers who are ready to click ‘add to cart’, using real-time Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Geo-Targeted Ads. Own your Locality or Industry.

  • You’ll only receive leads within your targeted area. Set your campaign to receive an email or phone call from your prospects.
  • Because online shops are 24/7, AI can automate the bidding, A/B testing, retargeting, and creation of ads. AI isn’t quite set-and-forget but it’s as close as we can get.

Turning Leads into Customers. Return Customers.

  • Your leads already know you, so your post-campaign communication is smoother and generates higher ROI.
  • Once someone has purchased from your ecommerce website, add them into your digital marketing funnel, so they buy from you again.


We’ll begin with an interview to learn about your business and who we’re targeting. Together we’ll decipher your offer, the string that unifies your campaigns. Then, it’s over to our wordsmith to communicate it creatively, both in your ads and landing page.


With the strategy and copy, our designer will ‘sell’ your offer through a tactical, creative landing page. Here, we want to see those clicks converting. Our advertising specialist will explore keyword and demographic data to launch a campaign – to send pre-defined prospects to a landing page or ecommerce website.


We scale your marketing campaigns using AI to target the best audience, time, and budget. Once we understand your audience’s habits and patterns, we can maximise your ad spend. Your campaigns are always profitable.






“Chris and the Digital Leaf guys created an AdWords & landing page campaign more than 2 years ago. Since then the leads delivered have proven to be a valuable mix to our sales funnel.”

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Kathy Swaffer

Marketing Manager, IKON Institute of Australia

"Chris came highly recommended for his technical and analytical skills in paid search marketing."

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Alicia Foreman

National Digital Marketings & Communications, Back In Motion Health Group

"I have been working with Chris and online marketing for almost 4 years. Within the last 6 months, he has taken over our entire paid advertising strategy and AdWords has seen a 100% increase in revenue for only a 10% increase in costs"

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Massoud Esmaili

Managing Director at Nano Touch International/h5>


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Because we’re a full-service Google Ads provider (and love deep diving into data), we limit the number of clients we take on. Our service is not for everyone. But if you’re active in customer acquisition, we’d love to chat. Submit your details in the form below and let’s see if we’re a good match.

If there’s a fit and we have the capacity, great! Let’s start you off on a 30-day free trial, so you can see what we’re all about. If we don’t click, that’s also okay. We’ll be the first to tell you.



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